What is revolutionary about the 2M Easy Click?

The 2M Easy Click has a sloping through-hole that allows it to be pushed over the barbell just in front of the weight plates to be braced. This saves valuable time and changing the weights is super quick. In addition, the Easy Click is extremely secure, so that the weight plates do not make any rattling noises during training. Another advantage of the Easy Click is the easy handling when tightening and loosening the weight plates.

In which variants can I order the 2M Easy Click?

You can order the 2M Easy Click in the colors black, red and grey.

What are the dimensions of the 2M Easy Click?

The 2M Easy Click has the dimensions: 66mmx60mmx40mm (length/width/height).

What bars can I use the 2M Easy Click with?

Basically, you can use the 2M Easy Click with all types of dumbbells (dumbbells, barbells, SZ bars, etc.) as long as they have a thread with an outer diameter of 30mm +/-0.4mm.

How do I find out the outside diameter of my barbell?

You can either contact the manufacturer from whom you bought the barbell or use a suitable measuring device (e.g. a caliper) to determine the outside diameter.

How much weight is allowed when training with the 2M Easy Click?

If you train with a barbell, you can safely use the 2M Easy Click up to a maximum of 100kg per side. With dumbbell training, the maximum load is 20 kg per side.

Does the 2M Easy Click hold even if it's made of plastic?

The 2M Easy Click has been tested for both strength and durability using various tests, so that training with the 2M Easy Click is safe in the long term.

I have plastic and cast weight plates. Can I use the 2M Easy Click with both variants?

Yes, the material of the weight disc (cast iron, plastic, etc.) does not matter.

How hard do I have to tighten the 2M Easy Click and do the weights sit correctly or do they rotate during the exercise?

The 2M Easy Click should be hand tightened. During training, it releases much more slowly than conventional star locks, so the weights no longer jingle during training.

What's included?

The 2M Easy Click is always delivered in pairs (2 pieces).

How do I proceed with a return?

Please read the right of withdrawal on our website.

How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are €3.99.

How long does the delivery take?

Orders (weekdays) up to 1 p.m. (PayPal and credit card) are usually shipped on the same working day. Note: If there is an increased order situation, the delivery time can be approx. 3 to 5 working days. After shipping, we will send an automatic email with the shipping confirmation and the associated DHL shipment tracking link. DHL needs about 2-4 working days for delivery within Germany.

How do I contact the 2M Solutions Team?

You can contact us via email at info@solutions-2m.de or by phone on +4915206846581.