Reasons why we are the right partner for you


  • Local production
  • Made in Germany
  • Accurate batch testing
  • German quality standards


  • Reliable/fast delivery
  • Individual purchase quantities
  • Agile production process
  • Optimal storage


  • Individual packaging solutions
  • High quality material
  • Efficient packaging process
  • Sustainable packaging

Customer service

  • Competent service
  • Fast response times
  • Reliable communication
  • Customer-centric focus

Perfect partners for innovative fitness solutions


Our Easy Click offers companies with their own fitness studio the opportunity to offer their employees an outstanding benefit. By using our innovative closure system, employees can train more effectively and safely, resulting in increased performance and wellbeing.

Institutional facilities

Institutional facilities that operate a fitness studio can offer their customers a significant advantage with our Easy Click. This ensures maximum safety and stability during training, resulting in an effective and low-risk workout experience.

personal trainer

By presenting this innovative product to their clients, personal trainers can demonstrate their professionalism and ability to offer customized training programs. The dumbbell clasp allows personal trainers to position themselves as a trusted expert.

Home gym

Home fitness is an emerging industry and our Easy Click is the perfect addition to home workouts. With our dumbbell lock, exercisers of all ages and fitness levels can change their weights quickly and effortlessly. Trainees can rely on the quality and reliability of our product.

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