Der Unterschied zwischen dem herkömmlichen Sternverschluss und dem 2M Easy Click

The difference between the conventional star fastener and the 2M Easy Click

The revolution in dumbbell training - the 2M Easy Click!

Training without clinking weight plates, tedious and tedious screwing and inefficient team workouts - YES, this is now possible! The solution is: " 2M Easy Click ".

In general, you need a barbell with a threaded profile on the weight holders for training with both the star lock and the 2M Easy Click. Of course, the right weights should not be missing.

We would like to explain the exact differences between the star lock and the 2M Easy Click based on the individual steps involved in assembling your dumbbell - let's get started right away.

In the first step, you slide the appropriate weights onto the bar and secure them with a suitable fastener so that the weights cannot fall off or injure you. Here we come to the first advantage. The handling with the star lock will certainly cause frustration for you as well as for many other trainees. Valuable training time is often lost when securing the weights because you first have to find the right position in which the threads engage. Once you have found the right position, often after several attempts, you can now start screwing to secure the weights. You probably know this process all too well because of your negative experience. Until the star lock is located directly on the weight, it takes a long and laborious time to screw it. This is very nerve-wracking and time-consuming, especially when training with dumbbells that have a long threaded mount (barbells, etc.). In contrast to this, handling with the 2M Easy Click is child's play. Thanks to the revolutionary mechanism, you can easily slide the 2M Easy Click over the barbell, click it in and tighten it. The handling is actually as simple as it sounds.

But now you've done it - the dumbbell is assembled and the first exercise can be started.

After doing the first set of warm-up sets with a lighter weight, you want to gradually increase the weight. To do this, you have to screw the star lock until it detaches from the barbell. Surely nothing annoys you more than the constant screwing of the star lock when changing weights , which you are probably already familiar with from securing the weights. With the 2M Easy Click, this will no longer be a problem in the future. You only have to loosen the 2M Easy Click one turn to be able to click it out. Now you can simply click out the 2M Easy Click and pull it over the barbell.

So far, this process has not only been a nerve-wracking act for you because of the enormous amount of time it takes, but also because of the fear that the star lock could fall down when unscrewing it, which is very annoying, especially with expensive floors. With the 2M Easy Click, this will no longer be a problem in the future, since you have a firm grip on it when you release it from the barbell. You need to have even more fear that your floor will be damaged or that you could even injure yourself.

If you have adjusted the weights accordingly, you can now continue with the next training set. During the exercise, you must have noticed negatively with the star lock that it loosens extremely quickly with jerky movements of the dumbbell. This leads to annoying clanking noises, which you are certainly familiar with. The rubber installed by the manufacturers does not provide a solution here either. Unlike the star clasp, the 2M Easy Click holds incredibly tight. On the one hand, this avoids the clinking noises and, on the other hand, ensures a 100% safe training feeling .

Nothing is more fun than a strenuous training session with friends after work in your own home gym without the distractions and occupied machines of a public gym. Has this been a horror idea for you so far? Luckily there is now the 2M Easy Click. With this you no longer have to make excuses or buy a large number of dumbbells in order not to have to change the weights. Don't give yourself any more time, but invite your friends directly to do a great workout with them. You will be curious to see how time-saving and, above all, efficient your training can be with the right closure .

Here we have briefly listed the most important information for you:

  • Easy handling
  • Fast bracing
  • Bombproof hold
  • Enjoyment and efficiency when working out in a team

We wish you a lot of fun working out in the home gym!

What experiences have you had with different fasteners and how has the 2M Easy Click optimized your training? We look forward to your experiences and contributions.

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