[External; Autor: Sascha Fast] Wie man aufhört, beim Kaufen doof zu sein: Der 2M Easy Click Verschluss für Hanteln


The Easy Click is a threaded dumbbell fastener and looks like this:

It replaces the usual star clasps that I have otherwise used.

I use the clasps for two reasons:

  1. The reason that the guys from 2M Solutions promote: The click mechanism allows you to push the closure over a large part of the thread before you have to screw it in. This works great and is particularly noticeable if you have to change the weight frequently.
  2. They are made of plastic and are quiet. I train in the morning while my family sleeps. That's why I train with plastic weights filled with concrete and use the click lock because it's significantly quieter.

There are no complicated tricks or things to keep in mind. They are simply practical and clever closures that are better than my old closures.

I've been using them for a few months now. At the beginning you have to orientate yourself before you position the closure so that you can move it over the thread. But that's the way it is with all new things: you have to learn a little.

The workmanship seems solid to me. I can't complain.

Of course I don't know whether the clasp will wear out over a few years, but I would be surprised.

If the inventors hadn't sent me the fasteners, I wouldn't have had the idea to buy the parts myself. They cost 13 EUR. This is just as stupid of me as my previous attitude that I always wanted to use free software. For example, I used to make do with free, but less well-programmed writing programs. At some point I realized that this was stupid. After all, I write every day, sometimes for 10 hours. I have now bought a few writing apps just to test them out for a longer period of time. For me it's not a waste of money because I can use it to improve many hours of my day.

I currently train with the barbell 5 times a week in the morning and a few times during the rest of the day. I estimate that these closures save me around 30 seconds per training session (apart from the fact that they are significantly quieter, which is particularly important to me personally). This is low for me because I hardly change the weights. If I trained with dumbbells or if I trained with other training methods, it would be significantly more. Let's say I only saved 30 seconds, five days a week. That would be just over 2.5 minutes per week and just over two hours per year. Even if I only used these fasteners for a year, it would have been more than worth it. Or are two hours of my life not worth 13 EUR to me? Would you buy two hours of life for 13 EUR? Me, yes.

A lot of life goes into such small optimizations when they affect something that you do frequently and regularly. And also a lot of quality of life. I estimate I spent around 200 EUR on all the writing apps. My current app, which I will probably stick with for the next 20 years, only cost me EUR 30. But it would certainly have been worth 5000 EUR just to try it out.

So if you regularly train with dumbbells with screw caps, the clasps are definitely worth it.

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