2M Easy Click - der Hantelverschluss „Made in Germany“

2M Easy Click - the barbell lock "Made in Germany"

In this blog post we would like to present you with more information and details about the production of our 2M Easy Clicks.
As a company, it is important to us to offer you, the customer, a high-quality and durable product that has been manufactured in compliance with environmental and human rights standards. In addition, the proximity to production and short delivery times are of great importance to us. For this reason we have decided to manufacture the 2M Easy Click in Germany and to bear the "Made in Germany" seal.

In the fitness industry in particular, many companies have their products manufactured in the East, since both the legal regulations and the wage level of the workers are lower there. As a result, the products can be manufactured cheaply and offered on the market at a competitive price. Unfortunately, the low production costs are often reflected in the working conditions of the employees and the product quality.

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The decision to produce the 2M Easy Click in Germany presented us with a major challenge, as we want to offer the 2M Easy Click at a fair and competitive price. The key to realizing this decision lies in the integrated product design, which is manufactured using the injection molding process. An integrated product design means that all functions of the 2M Easy Click are realized within a single component and, unlike competing products, the Easy Click does not consist of several parts. This means that subsequent processing and assembly steps are no longer necessary when manufacturing using the injection molding process. This allows us to keep manufacturing costs low while ensuring efficiency and precision in production. In order to guarantee the high functionality and stability of the Easy Click, we decided on a plastic that is durable and resilient.

In summary, it can be said that the production of our dumbbell lock in Germany was an important decision for us. We guarantee high quality and at the same time ensure the sustainability of our production. We are proud to be able to offer you, the customer, a durable, efficient and safe product.

Your questions and suggestions about the production of the 2M Easy Click are extremely important to us. We cordially invite you to share your curiosity with us and let us know in the comments what else moves you about this exciting topic.

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